There’s a first time for everything

Do you have “firsts” more often times than not? If so, you’re certainly living life like it’s an adventure. At least that’s how I see it 🙂

Today I had one of those firsts. I had my very first photo shoot as a “blogger.”  I can’t necessarily call myself a “fashion blogger” since I don’t post about only on fashion or what I’m wearing. I don’t even know if that’s exactly where I want this blog to go, but if it happens then I’m open to that idea too.

I felt a little out of place while I was getting my photos taken by a complete stranger. It was the first time a photographer reached out to me asking if I’d like to take some photos. She’s a new photographer and is needing to add more to her portfolio, so I guess we’re both helping each other out.

After my second outfit change, I felt a tad bit more comfortable. Although I can honestly say–I don’t know how these beautiful fashion bloggers do it. I guess it takes time, and some may have just been a “natural” at it, but I know one thing’s for sure…if I plan on continuing this fashion blogging journey I’m going to need A LOT more practice! Can we even call it that? Practice? I’m not sure, but there are many things I’m not sure about when it comes to this world of blogging.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I was able to get at least one good shot of my two outfits so I can post them here. If not, I’ll keep trying 🙂 The only way to succeed is to never give up and accept failure.

File Apr 20, 8 41 15 PM

Top {Banana Republic} | Yellow jeans {Bealls Outlet} | Nude pumps {Shoe Dazzle} | Heart shaped jeweled necklace {A Modern Boutique}



Photo Friday – Recap of NY

I’m finally back home to the sunny skies and warm weather of Arizona!

My New York trip/mini vacation was fun and adventurous. My younger sisters enjoyed themselves, but they were definitely worn out by day 2 of walking around NYC haha. Since it was my second time around, I knew what to expect and I wasn’t  suffering as much as they were. Poor things. But, they survived and in the end were glad they got to see and experience “The Big Apple.”

I won’t flood you with the hundreds of photos I took while we went from Albany, to New Jersey, to NYC. Instead, I’ll leave you with a few of my favorites. These were all taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5, because I forgot the battery charger to my Nikon 😦

Anyway, hope you enjoy and have a lovely weekend!


Sitting on the dock of a frozen lake in Cliffton Park.




The Jersey shore


Lady Liberty


9/11 Memorial


Times Square where love is on 😉


We ended the trip in Saratoga drinking ginger beer at the cutest cafe!


Blessings + Love

New York City – Photo Friday

I’m in NYC!

I’m spending the weekend here in the city with my Mr. & two of my sisters. It’s their first time ever visiting and experiencing the city, so they’re super excited and I’m stoked to be back! I know it may sound a little crazy leaving the warm sunny weather of AZ to come to the cold and possibly rainy weather here in NY, but it’s all worth it to spend QT with my Mr. and celebrate my youngest sister’s 24th birthday here.

So, while I’m being a complete tourist and trying to snap away- here’s the 1st photo of our visit for Photo Friday. I’m totally bummed out that I forgot my camera charger at home, which means the only photos I’ll be taking this weekend will be on my Samsung Galaxy S5. I hope they turn out okay *fingers crossed*

Have a lovely weekend!


The view from our hotel: The Empire State Building


Blessings + Love

Photo Friday

As I reflect on this past week and think about the beginning of a new Lenten season, I am drawn to remember serene places and moments of peace in my life.

The Pope wrote that this Lent season, we should think about “giving up” being indifferent to one another and not just the “norms” like soda, candy, fast food, etc.  He explains that Lent is a time to pray, fast, and draw near to God. When I think of these things, my mind drifts away to places I have been when I felt and knew God was there watching over me and making His presence known. Here are a few of those places that I was able to capture in a photo.

Is there anywhere in particular you go to find peace? Hope you enjoy and have a restful weekend!

FxCam_1312134940409 The gates right outside of a bed & breakfast my Mr. and I went to several years ago in Sedona, AZ.

FxCam_1312135457686A view from the garden area

IMG_4817Doesn’t this make you want to sit and read by this garden fountain all day?

FxCam_1312159292167Finally, a photo I took of my brother-in-law taking in the awe & beauty of the Grand Canyon. Simply peaceful.

Blessings + Love

Busy week, busy life

This past week has been nonstop busy. Such is the life of a teacher though. We had Parent-Teacher conferences on Wed and Thurs. I started ahead of the game with a conference on Monday, which worked out in my favor not having to stay until 7pm last night.

This 3 day weekend, I’m spending my time with my most favorite person in the world…my Mr.! He got me a ticket to fly to NY (he’s there for work), so that we didn’t have to be apart on one of our(my) favorite days of the year. I promise I won’t get all lovey dovey on you, but I’m so excited I won’t be spending the Hallmark holiday of love all alone haha.
Anyway, being so busy with conferences and packing for my trip I forgot to take a pic of my post-it for Post-it Tuesday! But, I chose to write the following on a post-it: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”-Helen Keller

This quote couldn’t be more true to what’s been happening in my life lately. My best friend, whom I call my bestest, is embarking on a new journey in her life by starting up & building a business. And I have blindly, but graciously, offered to help her haha. I gave her my disclaimer that while I’m offering to help her, I truly know nothing about the “business/corporate” world, but I’m a natural leader and lifelong learner (teachers-it’s who we are). 😉  She reassured me as much as she probably could, and told me I didn’t need to know much, and that just knowing her and her mission is what will be most beneficial for her business. So, here I go…on another daring adventure!

Guess I’ll leave you with my latest ootd’s that I couldn’t post during the week & another favorite photo for Photo Friday! Have a lovely weekend.


Plaid shirt: Old Navy | Navy striped skirt: Banana Republic | Nude pump wedges: Payless Shoe Store | Statement necklace: Brina Box


Black & white dress: Old Navy | Cobalt cardigan: Banana Republic | Black booties: Target | Gold BF watch: Fossil | Pearl necklace: Premier Design


Gorgeous florals from tree time I went to Montreal with the bestest!


A tower of macarons! How can you not drool at that?! Last year’s bday celebration for my bestest.

Blessings + Love

Blessings + Love

Photo Friday

It’s FriYay!! Or as the some of the world calls it TGIF 🙂  I am beyond relieved this work week is over.  It’s been a long one, and I’m going to expect that next week will be even longer *sigh*

But, I’m happy it’s photo Friday and I can share a few more photos that I’ve taken. Last week I posted one of the gorgeous white sand beaches of Guam.  I figured I would show you a few more photographs of my little island that I call home.

IMG_0874A beautiful view outside of the hotel my Mr. and I stayed at for our 6th wedding anniversary.


My Mr. enjoying the sunset view. He was born & raised on Guam and hadn’t been home for over 10 years, so this trip was long awaited for him.


One of my favorite photos of Fort Soleded. The sunsets are absolutely breathtaking there!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little more of Guam, “Where America’s Day Begins”

Have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget to capture those “kodak moments!”

Blessings + Love

Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona

What a fun-filled weekend for the state of Arizona, but most of all for the city of Phoenix!  We were lucky enough to host the Championship of America’s favorite game for the second time since the opening of our gorgeous stadium {Go Cards!}  The entire “valley of the sun” was the place to be this weekend, and I was able to experience just a small taste of it.

I went late Saturday night with two of my sisters & our cousin to explore how they transformed the city of downtown Phoenix into the Super Bowl mecca.  Congratulations to the New England Patriots on taking home the Vince Lombardi Trophy yet again! I don’t want to even get started on the AMAZING half-time show that Katy Perry put on or we’d be here all night haha!  She ROCKED and so did Lenny Kravitz & Missy Elliot (I’ve been a huge fan of her ever since she came out).  Anyway, enjoy a few of my pics from downtown Phoenix taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5.

20150201_011837Skyscraper buildings transformed into billboards

20150201_011032Yes, it really WAS!!!

20150201_011543Being a “tourist” in my own backyard 😉

20150201_012753Because you can’t walk by the official Super Bowl football and NOT take a pic.

20150201_014048My favorite pic of the night!

Thank you NFL for choosing The University of Phoenix Stadium to host the XLIX Super Bowl!!!

Blessings x Love