The Season for Rompers

If you haven’t noticed, but the time has come for the season of rompers to begin!  I have been seeing so many fashion bloggers and Instagramers posting some fantastic rompers and have enjoyed seeing how they style them.

I was quite hesitant on the idea of wearing a romper at first, so I knew I didn’t want to invest a whole lot of money if they didn’t work out and fit my body type.  I bought this romper via an Instagram shop, and was pleasantly surprised at 1) how comfortable it is 2) how it fit my body 3) how stylish it was!

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I love the colors and the print on this one and felt confident enough to buy another romper.  if you haven’t jumped on to the “romper bandwagon” I suggest going to different stores and trying on a variety of these comfy little numbers.  You might be pleasantly surprised like I was!  I’m still looking for the perfect jumpsuit/full length romper…but I won’t hold my breath since I know how difficult it might be to find one for my fun-sized frame!

So, are you willing to go out and give the romper a try?


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Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Romper {thrifted} So many styles to choose from here | Tan wedges {Groupon} Similar here and here | Crystal dome statement necklace {Brina Box} Exact | Aviators {Target} Similar here | Handbag {Kate Spade} Cute & affordable here



Anchors & Mint

I am loving my new custom made anchor skirt by Hannah Everly. Not only does she design and make the most adorable & affordable skirts, she is super sweet! Check out her Etsy store 🙂

I paired this anchor skirt with my all-time favorite color…mint. I love that both the print and the mint color say “Let’s do this spring!” Fair warning, this outfit will be on repeat during the summer as well.

I picked this outfit for my very first photo shoot with Tiffany Hainsworth. She was a doll to work with and was very patient with me and my inexperience.  Hopefully I didn’t scare her off and she is willing to snap more photos of me in the future!

So tell me, what was your first time being photographed like?



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Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Anchor skirt | Mint tee | Beaded necklace | Mint heels {similar} | Kate Spade {super sleek}


There’s a first time for everything

Do you have “firsts” more often times than not? If so, you’re certainly living life like it’s an adventure. At least that’s how I see it 🙂

Today I had one of those firsts. I had my very first photo shoot as a “blogger.”  I can’t necessarily call myself a “fashion blogger” since I don’t post about only on fashion or what I’m wearing. I don’t even know if that’s exactly where I want this blog to go, but if it happens then I’m open to that idea too.

I felt a little out of place while I was getting my photos taken by a complete stranger. It was the first time a photographer reached out to me asking if I’d like to take some photos. She’s a new photographer and is needing to add more to her portfolio, so I guess we’re both helping each other out.

After my second outfit change, I felt a tad bit more comfortable. Although I can honestly say–I don’t know how these beautiful fashion bloggers do it. I guess it takes time, and some may have just been a “natural” at it, but I know one thing’s for sure…if I plan on continuing this fashion blogging journey I’m going to need A LOT more practice! Can we even call it that? Practice? I’m not sure, but there are many things I’m not sure about when it comes to this world of blogging.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I was able to get at least one good shot of my two outfits so I can post them here. If not, I’ll keep trying 🙂 The only way to succeed is to never give up and accept failure.

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Top {Banana Republic} | Yellow jeans {Bealls Outlet} | Nude pumps {Shoe Dazzle} | Heart shaped jeweled necklace {A Modern Boutique}


Lilly Pulitzer for Target

You may be shocked by this, but I wasn’t one of the many women who woke up early to head to Target and snatch whatever I could get my hands on from Lilly Pulitzer.  You may ask…Why? How? What’s wrong with you?

My response to that question is to answer with a question.  Was this event a life or death situation? Would my life have ended if I didn’t go? For me, it wasn’t life or death and my life wouldn’t have come to an end because I didn’t make it there.

Was I curious about what would be there and if I actually would have been able to get anything? Yes, of course. But this weekend my parents, sisters and God mother came up to visit and spending time with them is more meaningful than standing in a line and waiting to spend my money on a few pieces that just about every other fashion blogger would be featuring. So, while I won’t be posting any Lilly Pulitzer clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor on my blog, I know I won’t regret my decision to stay home.

Family time has always been the most important aspect of my life and I know life isn’t over for me because I missed out on this event 🙂


Easter Joy!

Easter has always been a special time in my life. My faith in the Lord was instilled in me at a very young age and still continues. I’m so thankful that This Is the Day the Lord has made – Let us rejoice and be glad!

My prayer, my wish, my hope for you and your family is that you may be blessed on this day and all the days of your life!

Time for me to go and enjoy this special day with the ones that mean and matter the most to me!



White dress {Ross} Belt {Taken from another dress} Statement necklace {Brinabox} Nude wedges {Guess} Sunglasses {Kate Spade}